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  • factory built structures delivered by truck to any location
  • a selection of attractive architect designed assisted living pods
  • a range of unique features specially designed for care facilities
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  • intelligent care solutions
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building features

Premium quality, portable structures designed and equipped for permanent residential use.


Efficient, low energy underfloor heating controlled by the phone or tablet 'smart pod' app keeps the building warm and cosy.


Smart Care Pod buildings are insulated to far beyond recommended levels keeping heating costs low and eliminating cold and drafts.


Surpassing UK building regulations Smart Care Pods benefit from a superior build quality in line with current care facility standards.

energy saving

State of the art construction methods and cutting edge energy saving features ensure a long lasting, environmentally sound structure.


Architect designed finishes and sharp attention to detail provide an attractive building that blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

safe and secure

A robust steel frame clad in composite exterior finishes coupled with laminated security glass and Yale locking systems makes Care Pods safe and secure.


Factory built and fully transportable Care Pods do not need foundations and can be easily moved from location to location.


Care Pods are modular in design allowing multiple pods to be arranged together to form clusters or large single buildings.

smart care pods

Multi purpose buildings are equipped to respond to end user requirements.
stand alone care pod rental


Ideal for residential care, home and respite care our beautifully designed, self contained living spaces offer open plan living areas, a well equipped kitchenette, a comfortable bedroom and fully equipped 'wet room' bathroom, and spacious decks with a unique watertight roofed pergola option.

self contained care pod building rental


Custom built and equipped to order our Smart Care Pods are tailored to the exact special needs of the occupier incorprating specialist mobility equipment, assistive living technology and condition specific aids and medical equipment designed to create an customised and individual care environment.

care pods to rent


Public sector facilities and commercial care providers can benefit from specially equipped Pods offering self contained and portable treatment space for dialysis, chemotherapy, screening and a wide range of outpatient treatments as well as residential and respite care accommodation.



immediate occupation

Smart Care Pods are entirely equipped and finished in a factory so they a ready for immediate occupation.


Study the full specification and technical information.


Unique CARE POD buildings help cut the cost of care and allow you to look after loved ones and relatives where they want to be most – at home.
A wealth of specialist features makes Smart Care Pods uniquely fit for purpose, safe and comfortable for home caring and commercial care providers alike.


Careful attention to detail and limited mobility design means that anyone can be comfortable in a Smart Care Pod.

home automation

Benefit from sophisticated home automation of everyday tasks with a touch screen and TV control interface.

carer interface

A data retrieval and logging system allowing relatives or carers to access the occupants care history and share notes.

voice control

Voice controlled functionality assists disabled occupants including alarms and passive surveillance functions.

future proof

Factory installed preparation for hoist systems, monitoring and specialised electrical and medical equipment.

hygenic environment

Careful material selection provides easy to clean surfaces and a stable, controllable interior environment.

bathroom design

Specially designed facilities include wet room style bathrooms for assisted showering and wheelchair accessibility.

bespoke fitted furniture

A fitted kitchenette and made to measure wardrobes provide an uncluttered living space with ample storage areas.

Commercial care providers

Care Pods are modular in design allowing for multiple Pods to be arranged in clusters and added to at a later date. Buildings are dropped into place by crane without any of the delay and disruption asscociated with conventional construction methods.
Without the need for any foundations Care Pods can be placed on any level area and easily moved from place to place. Pods can be located in car parking areas, green spaces and even on the flat roofs of adjacent buildings without any impact on the site.
One hundred percent factory built Care Pods arrive on site ready for immediate occupation. New buildings can be delivered to any location within 8 weeks. Positioning the Pod and connecting to local services takes only a few days.
Care Pods are ideally suited to Halfway House type reablement applications as well as full time residential care accommodation. If required specialist medical equipment is provided with the Care Pod to order.
Unique leasing and rental opportunities are tailored to individual revenue streams ensuring that Care Pods provide attractive returns on investment without heavy capital expenditure.

Plug and play

We do everything for you from start to finish and then hand over the keys.

planning and admin

In locations where planning consent is required our architects will deal with the administration and applications required to obtain the consents needed to install a Care Pod building on your behalf.


Care Pods are 100% built in a factory leaving only minor work to do on site. Completed buildings are lifted on to a truck for delivery to site and then unloaded and positioned by a lightweight crane.


Our experienced installation team will assess your proposed location and arrive with the appropriate equipment to install your building with the minimum of disruption. Most installations only take a matter of days.

services and commissioning

As part of our installation we arrange the availability and connection of services to your building to ensure that when we leave the building is fully comissioned and ready for immediate occupation.


Keep up to date with our latest projects, design improvements, offers and installations.
stand alone care pod for NHS surrey

New design for two Smart Care Pods for Surrey facility

Already dubbed ‘Plug and Play’ care homes, these innovative buildings range in size from a compact studio home or guest annex to a fully equipped care facility. Smaller models can be equipped for non residential use such as home offices, garden rooms or additional guest accommodation.

self contained care pod building

assistive technology functions are remote controlled

Care Pods offer a suite of ‘smart’ options to help care for elderly occupants which include sophisticated home automation of everyday tasks, passive monitoring, and the ability for the building to communicate status information and alerts both locally and to a remote destination.

care pods to rent

care pod buildings are completed off site and placed in position by crane

Being portable provides additional benefits not normally associated with residential property. Fully self supporting pods do not require foundations, representing a great cost saving and reducing impact on the site to zero. The mobile nature of the building eases requirements for planning permits and allows the home to be relocated at any time.

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