• introducing
    really smart homes
  • transform spaces and moods
    the power of lighting
  • Shading that works for you
    Blinds that know what to do
  • Always the right temperature
    Take control of the heating
  • Music and entertainment
    managing your multimedia
  • keyless entry systems
    Smart access control
  • intelligent energy management
    reducing power consumption
  • integrated security alerts
    stay safe and sound

Buildings that think for you

Cutting edge artificial intelligence designed to manage your home creating an unique environment that is safe, warm, energy efficient and tailored to your exact requirements.


Lighting can be programmed to transform spaces and moods. Intelligent lighting learns when it is needed and at at what level. You can combine different light sources and levels to create lighting 'playlists'.

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling can be individually controlled. After a short learning curve systems learn your preferences, a warm bathroom in the morning and a cool bedroom at night, for example. When you’re away from home, the temperature adjusts to save energy.


Mechanical ventilation systems are monitored and automatically activated if the air becomes humid or stuffy. Heat recovery systems within the ventilation equipment are detected and heating controls are adjusted accordingly adding to energy savings.

Security and Surveillance

While you’re asleep, your home keeps watch, alerts you to any intruders and sounds the alarm in an emergency. It can warn you about dangers such as fire or water leaks and light a path to safety.

Access and awnings

Put your automatic blinds and shading on autopilot – opening, closing and adjusting depending on the time of day, the weather and the temperature.


Home Automation manages energy perfectly. It helps you make the most out of electricity and save energy in every possible area. At night devices on standby can automatically be switched off to reduce power consumption.

Music, media and TV

Wake up to your favorite song in the morning, add playlists to suit your mood. Set alerts. Never miss a favourite TV show, browse, watch Netflix and streamed video all at the touch of a button.

Phone and Emergency

Complete phone integration ensures that you receive an immediate notification in the case of an alarm or a preset alert. Your home can inform you with a phone call in an alarm event. You can even provide feedback to acknowledge or reset the alarm.
  • smart switch for total control
  • Capacitive touch surface.
    Touch Switch
    Smart Home Technology
  • Five touch zones - Compact design.
    Touch Switch
    Smart Home Technology
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor - Click feedback.
    Touch Switch
    Smart Home Technology

Touch control

With our unique Touch switch, you can enjoy simplified control throughout your Smart Home. With an integrated temperature and humidity sensor the capacitive surface of the Touch is quick to respond, and with just a tap on one of the five touch zones, you can control your lighting, blinds, music and more.

With the Touch, you can control any room with just one, compact control element. It's the switch of the new generation!


Five touch points

The Touch switch has five touch zones, which can be configured according to your needs. The large central touch zone is ideal for controlling lighting, whilst the corner zones are handy for controlling music and blinds, for example.

  • Double and Triple Click. The Touch also supports double and triple clicks.
  • Whole-hand touch. Touching multiple zones at once, or touching the switch with your whole hand automatically triggers the central touch zone only. Each corner of the Touch is indented so that each zone can be easily distinguished.
  • With temperature and humidity sensor. The built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows your Loxone Smart Home to react to changes in temperature and humidity levels automatically – keeping rooms cool and fresh in the summer and ensuring your home is always cosy in the winter.
  • Removable frame. Measuring just 55 x 55mm, the Touch can be removed from its frame and adapted to suit your personal tastes. It can be used in combination with other switch frames such as the Gira e2.
Available in white and anthracite
  • environment monitoring - 24/7
  • Optical detection principle.
    Smoke Detection
    Smart Home Technology
  • Early fire detection.
    Smoke Detection
    Smart Home Technology
  • Integrated with phone caller function for instant alarm.
    Smoke Detection
    Smart Home Technology

Intelligent smoke measuring system

Using its professional measurement system with 16 sensors, the Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke, issuing a warning in emergency situations. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes into account temperature fluctuations.


Reliable in an emergency

The stand-alone smoke alarm alerts you with a loud siren and flashing LED. The smoke detector is independently powered, which means it will still work in the event of a power outage.

  • In an emergency, a signal is sent wirelessly to the Miniserver, allowing it to send further warnings: Opening blinds, switching on emergency lighting, a call to your phone.
  • A long-life battery is included in the Smoke Detector Air package. The battery status is consistently sent to the Miniserver and can be checked in the app or web interface at any time.
  • If a potential fire is detected, a call can be placed to your phone via the Caller Service in addition to a push notification to all connected devices such as a smartphone or tablet. This way, you’re immediately notified of the possible danger even if no one is home.
  • The system can make use of other smart home features when a fire alarm is triggered – including flashing all the lights, open blinds and curtains and playing an alarm sound throughout the house via the music server. This functionality is in the interest of alerting occupants of the building as soon as possible to potential danger.
  • unique building integrated control surfaces
  • 5 touch-sensitive contact points and an activation touch point.
    Touch Surface Control
    Smart Home Technology
  • Seamless integration into kitchen surfaces and bathroom wall.
    Touch Surface Control
    Smart Home Technology
  • Control lighting, moods, music, TV, shading and more.
    Touch Surface Control
    Smart Home Technology

Touch surface control

Imagine a switch so matched to your home’s interior that it blends in, to the point of being invisible. Introducing the Touch Surface. Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings and surfaces. Whether on the kitchen worktop, the dressing table or on the bathroom wall – control your Smart Home from wherever you like.


Building integrated control

Truly outstanding control at your fingertips.

  • In the Kitchen. Whether your hands are wet, full of dough, or you’re in the middle of making tea – you can still control the lighting, shading, music or even the extractor fan with a few taps of the kitchen worktop.
  • In the Bedroom. It simply doesn’t make sense having to stand up from your desk to control the lighting, shading or music. The Touch Surface integrates all this control directly into the furniture.
  • In the Bathroom. As if by magic the Touch Surface is mounted behind ceramic tiles in a bathroom to put invisible smart home control at your fingertips.


Unique to Bauhu CARE POD buildings these smart features allow you to look after loved ones and relatives where they want to be most – at home.
A wealth of specialist features makes Smart Care Pods uniquely fit for purpose, safe and comfortable for home caring and commercial care providers alike.

hands free control

Careful attention to detail and limited mobility design means that anyone can interact with smart home features.

advanced automation

Benefit from sophisticated home automation of everyday tasks with a touch screen and TV control interface.

carer interface

A data retrieval and logging system allowing relatives or carers to access the occupants care history and share notes.

voice control

Voice controlled functionality assists disabled occupants including alarms and passive surveillance functions.


Advanced user specific assistive technology for Bauhu Smart Care Pods .
stand alone care pod for NHS surrey

Advanced phone control systems

The ClickToPhone system allows 100% access to an Android-based mobile phone by the simple clicking of a switch. Any single switch or 5 switch device can be used as well as a powered wheelchair joystick. Most of the phone’s functionality can be accessed through the ClickToPhone software.

self contained care pod building

voice control technology

Care Pods offer a suite of ‘smart’ options to help care for elderly occupants which include sophisticated voice control of everyday tasks, passive monitoring, and the ability for the building to communicate status information and alerts both locally and to a remote destination.

care pods to rent

assistive access technology software

Download our free software, including the main configuration software, our smartphone apps, planning tools and even desktop controllers.

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